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Printed packaging tape

Boost Your Brand with Customised Printed Packaging Tape

Unleash the power of branding by using our personalised printed packaging tape. Showcase your company logo, contact details or advertising message prominently, on your boxes and packaging. This not enhances your brands image but also ensures that your products are securely packaged for shipping.

At Brandpack we specialise in solutions offering a range of packaging tapes that cater to all your requirements. Whether you need hotmelt, rubber solvent or acrylic glues we have tape materials and adhesives such as polypropylene, PVC and eco paper tape to meet your specific needs.

Branded packaging tape serves purposes beyond branding. It can be used to highlight care instructions include notes and product labels provide delivery instructions or return addresses. With our printing capabilities we can print your logo and details in up to 3 colors for an attention grabbing design.

Discover our range of packaging tape materials

Polypropylene tape

Our polypropylene tape material offers flexibility along with tear resistance and water resistance properties. It is suitable for packages of any weight. Is ideal, for both short term and long term applications.

Paper tape

Looking to make your packaging more eco friendly? Consider our branded paper tapes that are crafted from Kraft paper. These tapes allow you to showcase your brand in a responsible manner.

PVC tape

If you're seeking strength and durability PVC tapes are the way to go. These tapes come with an adhesive making them incredibly versatile and perfect for heavy packaging that may encounter rough transportation and storage conditions.

Now lets talk about choosing the adhesive for your needs

For everyday packages our acrylic or hotmelt adhesive is a choice.

When you require strength for packages under demanding environmental conditions our solvent glues have got you covered. They offer reliability.

If long term storage is what you need our acrylic adhesive provides strength and durability. It even boasts increased resistance against UV rays to ensure your packages remain intact over time.

Feel free to reach out to our sales team for information, on the suitable tape material and adhesive for your specific requirements. Elevate your brand. Secure your packages with Brandpack today!



Polypropylene tapes are the most common tape types we produce. These tapes are flexible, tear-resistant and insusceptible to water. Great for use in short or long-term applications for light and heavy packaging. 


Our paper tapes are printed on eco-friendly Kraft paper, available in either brown or white. These branded paper tapes do not contain any harmful chemicals or raw materials. The paper can be used with a natural solvent rubber based glue or hotmelt adhesive. Paper tapes are very strong and durable, perfect for branding your shipments with your company details in an environmentally conscious manner.


PVC tapes are our strongest and most premium tapes. They can be used in the most demanding situations and are often used for extra heavy packaging or where the boxes will be exposed to harsh transport and storage conditions.

1-8 colours depending on the selected material. Please contact our sales team for more details.


Hotmelt adhesive is one of the most common adhesives made with synthetic rubber. This is a strong glue that can be used in the office or warehouse for light and heavy packages. Hotmelt is our most economical glue and is available in quantities from 36 rolls. 


Solvent glues are made from natural rubbers, our strongest adhesive suitable for extra heavy packages and demanding environmental conditions.


Acrylic adhesive is a popular glue due to its strength and durability, especially for use in long-term storage applications as it is more resistant to UV rays which cause yellowing and moisture.

50mm (width) x 54m or 66m (length on roll).

Also available in widths of 25mm, 38mm, 75mm and 150mm.

Available in boxes of 36, 72, 144, 288, 432, 576, 864, 1008, 1440 and 2160 rolls.

Approx 3-4 weeks.

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