About our bags

Discover the eco packaging solution for your products with Brandpack's personalised printed bags. Whether you need shopping bags, food packaging or promotional items we have a range of bag types, styles and materials that prioritise sustainability while showcasing your brand. Our top notch bag printing services are here to help you connect with customers and enhance your brand visibility today.

Unleash the potential of customised branded bags

Customised branded bags offer more than product promotion. They provide an opportunity to express your brand identity and leave a lasting impression that fosters customer loyalty. Moreover they are a cost-effective way to advertise your business. Each time someone uses one of your branded bags they spread awareness of your brand far and wide creating experiences and an exclusive feel for shoppers.

The benefits of customised branded bags

Effective marketing

Display your business style while ensuring storage for your customers products.

Environmental consciousness

Reduce plastic waste by choosing highly durable branded reusable bags.

Explore our selection of bag options

At Brandpack we provide an array of bag styles to cater to your requirements.

Paper Bags

Improve your marketing strategy by utilising our selection of personalised paper bag printing choices. Tailored to suit your requirements we offer the following options:

1. Flat handle paper bags - A solution, for retailers, supermarkets, bakeries and coffee shops. These lightweight sturdy bags enable customers to carry items with ease.

2. Handleless paper bags - Enhance your stores image with these sleek carriers. Crafted from high quality materials they save storage space. Are perfect for stores, supermarkets and boutiques.

3. Paper bags with paper handles - Reinforced with handles these bags are both cost effective and robust for carrying multiple items. With an appearance and reliable performance they are ideal for businesses seeking product packaging.

Select from our range of customised paper bags to make an impression on your customers and amplify your marketing endeavors.

Laminated Paper Bags

Enhance Your Brand with Trendy and Resilient Laminated Paper Bags!

Stand out from the crowd by using our attention grabbing laminated paper bags. These bags boast not only durability and sturdiness but also come with reinforced string handles, for added strength. Their sleek glossy or matte finish provides protection against water, grease and tearing. Ideal for carrying items like books and groceries, they are available in a variety of colours and designs enabling your brand to make a statement while ensuring the safety of your products.

Cotton Tote Bags

Rely on Cotton Tote Bags for Classic Style and Reliability!

Crafted from durable cotton fabric these versatile bags with reinforced handles provide strength and durability. Opt for full colour printing to showcase your brand effectively and create an impact. With a range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs available these bags not only safeguard your products but also elevate your company logo or branding.

Embrace Sustainability with Personalised Printed Cotton Totes!

Demonstrate your commitment, to the environment by choosing our eco personalised printed cotton totes. These bags are not just fashionable they also offer environmental advantages compared to plastic alternatives. By avoiding the use of packaging materials they also save customers money in the long term. Embrace sustainability, without compromising on style and affordability.

Designing your bags is a breeze!

We're here to assist you throughout the bag ordering process. From considering your needs, sizes and packaging requirements to choosing the materials, colours, branding and message – our team of designers is ready to help.