Label Printing

At Brandpack we offer excellent label printing services for a range of applications. Our labels are of the highest quality and can be customised to meet your specific size, shape and material preferences. With our print resolutions we guarantee results. Whether you need labels, for your products, packages or personal needs our aim is to provide you with an effortless experience.

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Label Materials

Paper Labels

Are you in need of full color labels to enhance the appeal of your packaging and products? Our paper labels are the solution for industries such as food, health and beauty care, electronics, home appliances and beverages. These labels have a base with a semi gloss finish that is resistant to smudging and scuffing. The backing liner ensures an adhesive that keeps the labels securely in place. With print quality our labels are suitable for use on cardboard packaging, glass bottles and bulk packaging. Our customisable labels maintain their appearance without peeling off. Say goodbye to forgotten or misplaced products by opting for our high quality paper labels. We also offer an eco option, with recycled paper materials.

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Polypropylene Labels

Discover our polypropylene vinyl labels the choice, for creating lasting and resilient labels. These labels have a glossy finish offering both versatility and durability. Designed to endure water, grease, chemicals and rough handling they are perfect for surfaces that require labels with longevity. Our polypropylene vinyl labels are incredibly versatile. Find use in various industries like food, beverage and cosmetics. They come in transparent and silver options serving as an high quality alternative to traditional paper labels. To meet your eco needs we also provide an environmentally friendly option. Our polypropylene film is certified with ISCC. Ensuring sustainability while the waterborne acrylic adhesive contributes to its eco nature. Opt, for our polypropylene vinyl labels – a choice that combines durability with responsibility – to fulfill all your labeling requirements.

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PET (Polyester) Labels

Unveil the durability and adaptability of PET polyester labels. These labels are widely used in industrial settings due to their versatility. With a finish that enhances graphics and ensures visibility these labels offer resistance to water, chemicals and extreme temperatures making them highly durable. Whether applied to appliances or automotive components PET polyester labels provide both appeal and lasting performance. Experience the benefits of polyester labels today!

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Cream Paper

Take your project to the next level and elevate your design by incorporating the warmth and refinement of cream coloured paper labels. The gentle and understated shade of cream paper brings a contrast to text or images resulting in a sophisticated and captivating design. Whether you're creating custom stickers for your brand or adding a touch of elegance to wedding invitations printing on cream paper will truly make your project stand out. With various options, for fonts, graphics and styles available, let your creativity shine while maintaining an aesthetic.

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Lined Ivory

Introducing our exquisite lined ivory labels, the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Crafted from premium materials, these labels offer the perfect canvas for your text or design. From product packaging to homemade treats and personalised wedding favours, these labels are sure to leave a lasting impression. Unleash your creativity and watch as they transform ordinary items into extraordinary ones.

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Textured Ivory

Elevate your labelling needs with the exquisite touch of textured ivory paper. This luxurious and unique paper is perfect for high-end product packaging. It will make your labels stand out and add a sense of vintage allure. Don't settle for ordinary labelling techniques - choose textured ivory label printing to give your project the exceptional touch it deserves.

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Elevate your labelling needs with the exquisite touch of textured ivory paper. This luxurious and unique paper is perfect for high-end product packaging. It will make your labels stand out and add a sense of vintage allure. Don't settle for ordinary labelling techniques - choose textured ivory label printing to give your project the exceptional touch it deserves.

Image of label material is with white backing liner, material is transparent without this liner.

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Take your business to the next level, with exquisite pearl label printing. A symbol of sophistication and luxury. In todays business landscape labels are indispensable and personalized pearl labels add a touch of refinement to your merchandise. The distinct shimmer and radiance of this material create an impact that mesmerises customers. By opting for pearl labels your brand can showcase its products in an upscale manner leaving a memorable impression on consumers. Ideal, for luxury brands aiming to differentiate themselves in the market seize this opportunity to elevate your branding with pearl label printing.

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Uncoated Paper

Choose uncoated paper for your label printing needs to create a natural, organic look with a soft finish. This choice will give your product packaging a unique and authentic character that is sure to catch the eye of customers.

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Linen Paper

Opt for linen paper to achieve an upscale appearance. The distinct texture and luxurious finish of linen paper bring an element of elegance to label designs making it the preferred option, for luxury product packaging. Linen paper is renowned for its versatility and stylish appeal which makes it ideal for crafting wine labels or elevating the presentation of your products. With its colors and sleek aesthetics your labels are bound to leave a lasting impression, on customers or guests. Why settle for labels when you can utilise linen paper to create something extraordinary?

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Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper

Are you in need of a label material that offers versatility, eco friendliness and a touch of style? Look no further than kraft paper. This dynamic material is a choice for businesses aiming to enhance their brand image and effectively communicate essential product details through eye catching labels. With its rustic appearance kraft paper strongly appeals to conscious consumers. Moreover its durability makes it especially suitable for high traffic areas such, as shelves. That's why an increasing number of companies are opting for kraft paper when it comes to their label printing requirements.

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Gold Paper

Enhance your product packaging. Make it truly eye catching with the charm of gold paper labels. Gold has always been a symbol of sophistication and opulence making it an ideal choice, for premium products. By incorporating gold paper into your packaging you can captivate customers and leave an impression. The versatility of gold paper enables you to infuse a touch of luxury into a design or elevate patterns for a more majestic impact. With our cutting edge printing technology you can achieve customisation allowing you to create packaging that's truly one of a kind. Don't settle for labels when gold can elevate your packaging into a marketing opportunity.

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Silver Paper or Polypropylene

If you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your products silver paper labels are the choice. They create a effect that radiates luxury. On the hand if durability is your concern, due to frequent handling or harsh conditions silver polypropylene labels are the ideal solution. They offer resistance, against water, oil and chemicals ensuring that your labels remain intact and easily readable.

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Label Finishes & Adhesives


Lamination - Gloss or Matt
Varnish - Gloss or Matt
Spot Raised Varnish
Metallic Gold Hotstamp
Metallic Silver Hotstamp


Extra Strong

Label Orientation

Core Sizes

76 mm (Standard)
50 mm
40 mm
38 mm
25 mm


About our labels

Boost your brand and fulfill customer demands with our label printing services offered at Brandpack. We specialise in providing top notch design, file preparation, printing and finishing solutions, for all your labeling needs.

Experience label quality with our cutting edge printing technologies that ensure vibrant colors, sharp graphics and ultra clear barcodes. Our wide range of certified label materials caters to all industries, including options that are resistant to water, oil, UV rays or abrasion.

Select from an array of materials such as papers, polyesters, polypropylene and vinyl. We offer a variety of finishes like matte, glossy or glossy surfaces along with textured options. Additionally we provide labels in metallic shades of various colors. Choose from a range of label finishing options including lamination and varnishing along with a selection of adhesives.

Require shaped labels? Not a problem! Our team of experts can precisely cut labels to any desired shape or size at no cost. This makes them suitable for both machine application or manual placement.

At Brandpack we recognise the significance of a brand narrative. If you're unsure about your label design strategy our professionals are here to assist you in identifying your selling points. Through custom designs that establish connections, with consumers while setting you apart from competitors.

Discover the possibilities that come with Brandpack and allow us to assist you in meeting all of your label needs.

Who We Cater To

Our clientele is incredibly diverse encompassing a range of businesses such as brands, trade printers, packaging companies and advertising agencies. Our clients span across industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, cosmetics and chemicals. They rely on us for our top notch custom printed labels that are highly sought after for bottles (wines, beers, spirits) jars, bags, coffee and tea packaging, food containers, cans, cosmetic and personal care products. Anything you can think of!

Competitive Pricing and Swift Turnaround Times

Thanks to our state of the art printing production processes we are proud to offer some of the turnarounds in the industry. Additionally we have user calculators available for instant cost effective pricing. If you prefer a approach or have any specific queries about your label requirements. Feel free to reach out to us via email or phone and one of our sales representatives will be more, than happy to assist you.