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Upgrade the safety and visual appeal of your merchandise with our top notch lid boxes. These trendy packaging boxes, known as lift off lid boxes come with a cover that fits snugly over the base.

The primary benefit of using lid boxes lies in their heightened security measures. The separate cover adds a layer of protection guaranteeing that your items remain safe, from spills or damage during storage and transportation. The tight seal created by the cover effectively shields your products.

Apart from their practicality lid boxes also offer a great choice for product packaging. They come in any size and can be customised to match your brand identity making them suitable for businesses of all scales.

One standout feature of boxes is their user design. They provide an hassle free solution for packaging ensuring effortless assembly and unboxing.

In summary lid boxes serve as a marketing solution for any company looking for both stylish packaging options. Their secure design and attractive appearance make them an ideal choice, for a range of products. Regardless of the size of your business lid boxes offer simplicity and customisation possibilities. Delight your customers with captivating packaging while ensuring the safety and protection of your goods.

Our lid boxes come in two options; unprinted or, with full colour printing. You can choose from a range of print finishes, including raised varnish or raised foil, in gold or silver. Once you've decided on the size and style you want we'll give you the box keyline template. Alternatively we also provide a packaging design service that includes creating keylines and 3D mockups.


Lid Box

We offer double coated paperboard (300, 350 and 400gsm) for product packaging and retail applications or corrugated e flute 380 and b flute 450-480 for e-commerce, shipping and mailing boxes.

Product packaging and retail applications: 300, 350 or 400 gsm double-side coated paperboard. 100% compostable and recyclable.

Shipping boxes: E flute 380 and B flute 450-480

Sizes are displayed as Width x Depth x Height in millimeters. Retail product boxes can be created in any custom size to the mm, with a minimum width, depth and height of 20mm.

Our retail boxes are offset printed in full colour CMYK. CMYK is the colour space used in printing and stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). Using a combination of these 4 inks in the CMYK colour space enables vibrant full colour printing of your boxes.

Our shipping and mailing boxes can be printed in black only or in full colour CMYK. Single colour black print is cost effective and very popular for e-commerce purposes.

Order quantity is an important consideration in deciding on your product packaging boxes. The more boxes you order (higher order quantity), the lower the price per box. This is due to fixed prepress, production and shipping costs. Although we have no minimum order quantity on our retail boxes, you will find the best price breaks per box at 100-500+ boxes. For shipping boxes the best price breaks per box tend to be around 500-1000+ boxes depending on the size of the box.

If you are uncertain of the quantities required, we can help finding the best prices per box taking your budget and requirements into consideration.

Raised varnish or raised metallic foil

We offer a full design service, including dieline creation and 3D mockups.

Apart from the functional requirements such as transport, protection, storage, nutritional and informational labeling, your product packaging should reflect your brand identity and unique selling point. Customised packaging boxes form an important part of your product offering and play a vital role in the consumer decision making process. A well designed box provides brand recognition, quality assurance and consumer confidence.

Our box printing services include 1 hour box design or typesetting. If your box design is a straight forward typeset and design requirement, with existing logo and brand graphics, there will be no additional design charge.

Once the job has moved through the prepress stages and the artwork and mockups or samples have been approved the job enters production. Our production lead time on retail boxes is approximately 15 working days.

The boxes are shipped flat for transportation with easy to follow folding instructions supplied.

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