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Improve Your Branding and Ensure Safe Delivery with Customised Shipping Boxes

When it comes to shipping your items it's important to prioritise delivery. If using boxes why not consider opting for personalised shipping boxes? These custom boxes not only provide protection but also serve as a way to promote your company and increase brand awareness.

Custom printed shipping boxes offer a packaging solution that caters to your branding needs. By featuring your company logo, product details and distinctive style these boxes leave a lasting impression on your customers. One of the advantages of using custom printed shipping boxes is their ability to significantly enhance brand recognition.

These sturdy and durable boxes are designed to withstand the challenges of handling and transportation ensuring the safety and security of your items throughout the delivery process.

Moreover custom printed shipping boxes act as a cost effective marketing tool for your business. By showcasing your elements and key messages they effectively set you apart from competitors while leaving a lasting impact on clients.

To summarise personalised shipping boxes offer a packaging option, for businesses looking for brand marketing while guaranteeing product delivery. They provide benefits in terms of opportunities, functionality and affordability. So why settle for boxes when you can elevate your packaging game? If you're aiming to make an impression and boost your business growth look no further!

Get ready to personalise your shipping boxes today!

Our custom designed shipping and mailing boxes are printed in colour using CMYK, on sturdy corrugated board. Exciting news! You can now order as 50 boxes and we assure you a quick production lead time of just 7-10 days for delivery in Northern Ireland. If you're interested in runs greater than 500 units, please refer to our comprehensive price guide for all the details. Depending on the quantity you require we utilise top quality UV, offset or flexo printing techniques.

One of our models is the FEFCO 427 mailing box, available in various sizes. This box features a user hinge style that makes folding easy along, with a convenient front closing flap. It's absolutely perfect for all your eCommerce needs! Oh. Did we mention? Our boxes can even be customised with a return strip if you run an eCommerce brand that offers no hassle returns.

But wait there's more! We're here to cater to your requirements by offering custom shapes and sizes tailored for you. So why wait? Contact us today. Let us take your packaging and branding strategy to new heights!


FEFCO 427, Shipping Boxes, E-commerce Boxes

E flute corrugated cardboard. Single wall available in price guide or double wall on quotation basis

Sizes displayed in mm (Width x Depth x Height)





















Our shipping and mailing boxes can be printed in black only or in full colour CMYK.

CMYK is the colour space used in printing and stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). Using a combination of these 4 inks in the CMYK colour space enables vibrant full colour printing of your boxes.

We can print the boxes UV, flexo or offset when quantities are above 500 boxes.

Order quantity is an important consideration in deciding on your product packaging boxes. The more boxes you order (higher order quantity), the lower the price per box. This is due to fixed prepress, production and shipping costs.

Our minimum order quantity is 50 boxes.

We offer a full design service, including dieline creation and 3D mockups.

Apart from the functional requirements such as transport, protection, storage, nutritional and informational labeling, your product packaging should reflect your brand identity and unique selling point. Customised packaging boxes form an important part of your product offering and play a vital role in the consumer decision making process. A well designed box provides brand recognition, quality assurance and consumer confidence.

Our box printing services include 1 hour box design or typesetting. If your box design is a straight forward typeset and design requirement, with existing logo and brand graphics, there will be no additional design charge.

Once the job has moved through the prepress stages and the artwork and mockups or samples have been approved the job enters production. Our production lead time on shipping boxes is approximately 7 working days.

The boxes are shipped flat for transportation.

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